Angry Birds

Angry Birds Windows PC 4.0.0

Addictive puzzle game: kamikaze birds against the pigs

In Angry Birds for Windows, you're on the side of the fat little birds, fighting against a horde of green pigs.  View full description


  • Excellent physics engine
  • Very funny and entertaining
  • Lots of game levels
  • Highly addictive


  • Repetitive sound effects


In Angry Birds for Windows, you're on the side of the fat little birds, fighting against a horde of green pigs. 

The villains have stolen the birds - well, their eggs.

Kamikaze birds seeking revenge

The birds really aren't happy. In fact, they're so angry that they present themselves to the player as kamikaze fighters with a red-hot vendetta. In total there are 120 levels of play - plenty of time to fire the Angry Birds by slingshot at the green pigs.

Control with the mouse

In Angry Birds you use the mouse to determine the flight angle and try to hit the enemy directly, or you can bring the fortresses above the pigs crashing down. If possible, you want to hit the maximum number of pigs with the minimum number of birds; that's how you'll progress through the levels quickly.

Funny cartoon graphics

As ever, the cartoon-style graphics in Angry Birds are simple but nicely designed and full of witty details. The same old sound effects are present - which can be a bit annoying at times.

Conclusion: Simple concept, high addiction factor

Angry Birds brings a simple but addictive physics puzzle with nice graphics and a somewhat oblique story to Windows computers. The game that's been extremely popular game on smartphones is also highly addictive in its Windows version.


  • Happy Birdday! Can you believe that Angry Birds is turning three? We sure can't! Celebrate with 30 NEW LEVELS, birdday cake, and the bubbliest bird ever -- Pink Bird! But watch out for the cake -- it's not a lie, but it packs a BIG punch!
  • Party with 15 new "Birdday Party" levels and some EXPLOSIVELY delicious cake!
  • Pop pigs in 15 new Bad Piggies -themed levels!
  • Say hello to Pink Bird!
Angry Birds


Angry Birds Windows PC 4.0.0

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